Expect More From Your Law Firm

You expect sound counsel and effective representation from your lawyers, as well you should. But you should expect much more.

You should expect a true partnership with your attorneys; a sense that they are as invested in your success as you are.

You should expect lawyers who know as much about you and your business as they do about the law. Optimal legal strategies and solutions can only come from lawyers who develop a complete understanding of your unique operations, personalities, challenges, and concerns.

You should expect responsiveness and accessibility. Problems, crises, and questions can arise at any hour, and time is often of the essence when addressing critical legal issues.

You should expect attorneys who understand that “winning” doesn’t mean all that much if they lose sight of your bottom line. Efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and an approach that seamlessly integrates business concerns with legal strategy should be non-negotiable requirements for your legal counsel. 

Powerful Advocacy, Strategically Executed.

For 30 years, the attorneys at the Dallas-based law firm of Macdonald Devin Madden Kenefick & Harris, P.C. have been exceeding client expectations, providing sophisticated and innovative counsel to regional, national and international clients across numerous industries on a diverse range of matters. Our three decades of serving clients locally and nationwide have earned us a reputation as innovative strategists, fierce litigators, and trusted counselors.

wheelsofjusticeEach of our attorneys brings their own strengths, experience, and insight to their representation of our clients, but they all share the same commitment to client service and legal excellence. We know how much can be at stake when you come to us with a legal issue. From high-profile, high-stakes litigation to the development of comprehensive strategies to minimize risk, we sweat every detail while never losing sight of the big picture.

Our trial lawyers have established themselves as formidable litigators who carry with them the confidence and assertiveness that comes from a lengthy track record of success. Collectively and individually, we provide our clients with effective and determined representation in the courtroom or at the negotiating table. From courthouses throughout Texas and across the country, we stand ready to protect our clients with powerful advocacy, strategically executed.

The Firm’s History

 Macdonald Devin P.C. – Exceeding Expectations for 30 Years

Macdonald Devin P.C. was founded in 1987 in Dallas, Texas with a vision to provide unrivaled service to our clients. We remain grounded in our founding values while constantly anticipating the future, always cognizant of the latest developments in the law and always utilizing the latest advancements in technology to better serve our clients.

When you choose a law firm, you are making a huge investment. You should expect your lawyers to make a similar investment in your success. Please contact us to explore how Macdonald Devin can exceed your expectations for legal services.