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Higher Courts Require a Higher Level of Advocacy


A jury’s verdict or a judge’s ruling does not always mean that a case is over. After a lengthy and often expensive journey through litigation in a trial court, it can be disappointing when an adverse result or the other side’s desire to contest a favorable outcome leads to a whole new round of court battles. When matters proceed to the appellate level — or beyond – Macdonald Devin’s experienced appellate lawyers know what it takes to be successful in higher state or federal courts.


At Macdonald Devin Madden Kenefick & Harris, P.C., we understand the calculus involved in deciding whether to pursue an appeal. We are also cognizant of the strategic choices to be made as to whether a forceful appellate defense or a negotiated post-trial resolution would be more advantageous in a case. We provide sound counsel and appellate approaches focused on achieving a positive and enduring result.

Skilled in the Nuances and Complexities of Appellate Practice

Even exceptional trial lawyers sometimes lack a full appreciation or understanding of the nuances of appellate practice needed for effective advocacy at that level. Different rules apply. Different approaches are required. Different arguments need to be asserted in ways that resonate with appellate judges.

Powerful written submissions and deft oral arguments; ready anticipation of pointed questions from the bench coupled with the ability to nimbly respond to opposing assertions – these vital attributes distinguish our appellate lawyers and have led to a strong record of appellate advocacy.

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Whether for existing clients or for matters referred to us, our lawyers meticulously comb through every page of the trial record, identifying issues and arguments that can be used to advance our clients’ positions.


The firm’s appellate work is intertwined with and complemented by its expansive trial practice. Preserving error in the trial court and laying a foundation of evidence that will withstand appellate scrutiny can be the key to a successful appeal. We help trial lawyers craft trial briefs and arguments based on current appellate law, and anticipate changing appellate trends that may impact decisions at the trial level.  Our appellate lawyers have actively participated in trials all over Texas, working with trial counsel to ensure preservation of appellate issues.

Our holistic understanding of all aspects of the trial process enables our appellate litigators to structure dexterous and forceful arguments that can either preserve a lower court victory or reverse an adverse result. From state appellate and supreme courts, to federal appeals courts, and all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, Macdonald Devin Madden Kenefick & Harris, P.C.’s accomplished appellate lawyers provide clients with the confidence and capability to go the distance.


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