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A company may have an impeccable business model, talented leadership, and operations that run like the proverbial well-oiled machine, but without sound counsel and steady guidance on the myriad legal issues faced by businesses every day, all of that can be for naught.

At Macdonald Devin Madden Kenefick & Harris, P.C., our commercial and transactional lawyers partner with our business clients to provide the knowledge, insights, and direction to help their enterprises succeed. We explore options, consider potential risks, and craft advice and strategies focused squarely on achieving our clients’ business objectives.


Macdonald Devin Madden Kenefick & Harris, P.C. provides comprehensive business counsel for businesses of all sizes in a multitude of industries. Our attorneys assist our clients on a wide range of matters, including:

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Business and Entity Formation

Few choices are as impactful on the life of a business than the choice of entity structure. Whether you are in the earliest stages of transforming an idea into a viable business, or whether your growth has necessitated changes to your ownership structure, we work closely with you to select and put in place the optimal business entity that will help your company thrive.

Governance, Operations, and Compliance

Failure to follow the requisite corporate formalities or properly submit necessary state or federal filings can imperil your business and expose owners and officers to potentially significant liability. We help businesses develop proactive strategies, programs, and protocols designed to ensure compliance with the complex web of laws and regulations applicable to your business operations

Purchases, Sales, Transactions, and Agreements.

We provide meticulous documentation and due diligence for business transactions, purchase and sale agreements, and contracts with business partners, suppliers, vendors, and customers.

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We know that business issues can arise any day, at any time. We are committed to providing unmatched accessibility and responsiveness to our clients when challenges unexpectedly emerge, when questions need to be answered, or when ideas need to be floated and discussed. No matter what stage your business is at in its growth, from start-up to mature, Macdonald Devin Madden Kenefick & Harris, P.C. stands ready to be your strategic partner, helping you successfully navigate the legal issues that can dramatically impact your success.

Please contact us to learn how we can help you protect your business.

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