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There is a reason that Macdonald Devin Madden Kenefick & Harris, P.C. attorneys are highly sought after speakers and regular authors on construction litigation issues. It’s the same reason that parties involved in high-stakes, high-profile construction projects call us when potentially catastrophic disputes arise: we excel at mitigating risks and defending our clients’ interests in this complex, technical and ever-changing area of the law.
Construction Site
Representing owners, contractors, developers, subcontractors, material suppliers, engineers, architects and more

We combine our construction industry background and technical knowledge in construction defects, design, financing and product liability with finely-tuned dispute resolution skills. Macdonald Devin Madden Kenefick & Harris, P.C. has been highly successful in litigating and arbitrating construction disputes, but we are equally proud of our success in reducing clients’ exposure to risk.

Our seasoned team, with decades of industry experience in venues across the country, is equipped to handle all aspects of our clients’ construction involvement, including pre-construction transactional representation which can insulate our clients from exposure if and when disputes arise. We are always accessible and responsive, providing ongoing project advice in real time. We remove barriers to project completion when they arise, and protect the rights and reputations of our clients when they are implicated in a project’s complications.

Litigation Experience Matters

Our construction litigation experience includes:

  • Construction defects and failures leading to personal injury

  • Claim review, preparation and analysis

  • Differing site condition claims

  • Design issues

  • Bonding/surety issues

  • Product failures

  • Liquidated damages disputes

  • Construction insurance

  • Termination issues

  • Liens

  • Dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration and litigation in state and federal courts

  • Scheduling issues, including delays, inefficiencies, interference, compression, acceleration, and related issues

Construction Crane
Knowledge to Keep Up with an Ever-Evolving Sector

The technology, law, and issues involved in large construction projects are constantly evolving, and our lawyers are thought leaders in developing the best approaches to these changes. Our attorneys, regardless of tenure, teach and receive ongoing training on construction-related issues through in-house and external seminars on all issues related to the construction industry. This allows us to provide our clients with the most up-to-date insights on vital matters that affect their projects and their businesses.

Our professional reputation in the construction industry is one reason our attorneys are regularly selected as lead counsel in some of the largest construction matters in and around the Metroplex, throughout Texas, and across the country. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you address your construction-related disputes and litigation efficiently and effectively.
Please contact us to learn how we can help you protect your business.
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