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Experienced Defense for Long Term Care Facilities 

As America’s seniors live longer, the demand for long-term care facilities has correspondingly exploded. With that increased demand comes increased risk. Even when best practices are meticulously followed and the highest standard of care provided, nursing homes and assisted living facilities may still be subject to significant exposure when patients get sick or injured or if they pass away.


Claims of abuse and neglect, malpractice, or malfeasance against such facilities and their employees and owners are a constant concern. Having knowledgeable and skilled defense counsel who can effectively counter these claims is essential.

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A Comprehensive Understanding of the Issues that Matter Most


The effective defense of nursing homes and assisted living facilities requires a complete understanding of the nuanced issues, standards, and regulations that govern the operation of such facilities and the care they are supposed to provide. Our lawyers have an exhaustive knowledge base regarding such matters, including:

  • clinical standards of care

  • state and federal regulatory compliance

  • quality assurance and peer review

  • training and credentialing

  • whistleblower claims

  • employment issues

Protection for Long-Term Care Facilities

We handle litigation involving nursing home malpractice, negligence, gross negligence, fraud, wrongful death and retaliatory discharge for large, multi-state nursing home owners and operators statewide.


From spearheading the timely and thorough investigation of claims to bringing matters to a positive resolution, our attorneys protect long-term care facilities from the significant disruptions and losses such claims can cause.

Macdonald Devin Madden Kenefick & Harris, P.C.’s health law attorneys have extensive experience in the defense of long-term care facilities, including:​

  • nursing homes

  • independent senior living facilities

  • assisted living facilities

  • residential care homes

  • post-acute care facilities

  • skilled nursing facilities

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Macdonald Devin Madden Kenefick & Harris, P.C.’s attorneys have lectured and written extensively on a wide range of topics directly impacting the nursing home industry. We regularly present seminars and in-service training to attorneys and industry members to help them better prevent, prepare for, and defend against claims.

Please contact us to learn more about the long-term care sector and how we can assist you.

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  • Paul J. Downey
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