Greg Ziegler and Bill Gardner help prevent implosion of high rise in downtown Dallas

July 2012 | Michael Tregoning, Chief Financial Officer of Headington Oil, which owns the 15-story Praetorian Building says a decision has been made to bring the building down mechanically instead of the implosion originally planned for late summer, 2012.

Concerns were raised by neighbors of the historic building, including Stone Street Gardens, which is represented by Macdonald Devin attorneys Greg Ziegler and Bill Gardner.

For more details, see The Praetorian Building to come down not with a bang but with a whimper.

June 2012 | Greg Ziegler and Bill Gardner represent Stone Street Gardens’ owner who is opposing the planned implosion of Praetorian Building in Downtown Dallas.

In a letter to Robert Wilonsky, editor of the City Hall Blog in the Dallas Morning News, Greg makes the case that despite the city’s reassurances, the pending implosion of the building is far more problematic than the razing of First Baptist in 2010. He writes, in part, “The circumstances surrounding the contemplated Praetorian implosion are also unique, but decidedly detrimental to nearby property and businesses.”

View his complete letter here.