Macdonald Devin secures favorable commercial litigation settlement for global architectural engineering firm

Greg Ziegler, Bill Gardner, Wes Davis, and Ty Vessels teamed to help a global Top 100 architectural engineering firm reach a settlement for full contract price plus all attorney’s fees and costs in a lawsuit Macdonald Devin filed against worldwide computer software providers for breach of contract and warranty.

The computer software provider had refused to refund the client’s money despite the defective nature of the products and services sold, leaving the client no choice but to file suit.  After numerous and lengthy pre-discovery procedural motions and a mandamus failed, the software providers were forced to submit to depositions, at which Macdonald Devin’s team demonstrated clear liability and damages.

The full amount of the settlement exceeded seven figures and included full reimbursement of the contract price and attorney’s fees, expenses, and costs.