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Our Practice Areas


Higher Courts Require a Higher Level of Advocacy

A jury’s verdict or a judge’s ruling does not always mean that a case is over. After a lengthy and often expensive journey through litigation in a trial court, it can be disappointing when an adverse result or the other side’s desire to contest a favorable outcome leads to a whole new round of court battles. When matters proceed to the appellate level — or beyond – Macdonald Devin’s experienced appellate lawyers know what it takes to be successful in higher state or federal courts.


Business and Entity Formation

Few choices are as impactful on the life of a business than the choice of entity structure. Whether you are in the earliest stages of transforming an idea into a viable business, or whether your growth has necessitated changes to your ownership structure, we work closely with you to select and put in place the optimal business entity that will help your company thrive.


Knowledge to Keep Up with an Ever-Evolving Sector

We combine our construction industry background and technical knowledge in construction defects, design, financing and product liability with finely-tuned dispute resolution skills. Macdonald Devin Madden Kenefick & Harris, P.C. has been highly successful in litigating and arbitrating construction disputes, but we are equally proud of our success in reducing clients’ exposure to risk.


Experienced National Defense Counsel

Few industries are as heavily regulated and scrutinized as the food, drug, and medical device sectors. Macdonald Devin Madden Kenefick & Harris, P.C.’s food, drug, and medical device defense lawyers have a lengthy track record of successfully defending manufacturers, designers, distributors and marketers of food and medical products in administrative and civil actions. We have been involved in cases throughout the country at both the state and federal levels, including complex multi-district litigation.


Experienced Defense for Long Term Care Facilities

As America’s seniors live longer, the demand for long-term care facilities has correspondingly exploded. With that increased demand comes increased risk. Even when best practices are meticulously followed and the highest standard of care provided, nursing homes and assisted living facilities may still be subject to significant exposure when patients get sick or injured or if they pass away.


Knowledgeable and Experienced Insurance Coverage Attorneys

We have earned a reputation as counsel of first resort for insurance companies. Our lawyers are respected for their industry knowledge as well as their coverage experience and are frequently called upon to provide insight and direction in matters with complex issues.


Protecting Your Interests with Liability Claims Arise

There are almost limitless ways in which property owners and property managers can find themselves in the crosshairs of a personal injury or premises liability claim. We also understand the most effective strategies to counter such claims and minimize potential exposure. That is why we are frequently called upon by both self-insured property owners as well as insurance companies to protect their interests when premises liability claims arise.

Our familiarity and experience with premises liability claims allows to distinguish between claims that are ripe for early resolution and ones which mandate robust courtroom advocacy. Our lawyers work closely with each client to formulate the strategy best-suited to the circumstances of a particular incident, starting with the immediate investigation of the facts and the preservation of critical evidence. We maintain open lines of communication with clients throughout our representation, and always keep an eye on our clients’ bottom lines when developing the best approach to a matter.


Counseling Businesses of All Sizes

It takes a complex chain of distribution for products to make their way from the drawing board to the end user. Along the way, many actors play a role in a product’s lifecycle. Our attorneys routinely represent designers, manufacturers, distributors, merchants, and others involved in claims arising from property damage, personal injury, and wrongful death.

Planning and executing an effective strategy—often assisted by engineers, systems experts, chemists, metallurgists, scientists, and others—is often a complicated endeavor. In preparing a product liability case, our attorneys work in collaboration with highly regarded experts who are able to provide insights critical to the presentation of evidence in a way that is compelling to a judge, jury, or arbitrator. When grading our performance in product liability litigation, we think our track record of success speaks for itself.


Strategies for the Best Possible Resolution

Long-haul and local carriers, truck leasing companies, material haulers, and others whose businesses are built on the road need attorneys who are prepared to address the complex and high-stakes litigation challenges that such companies face on a regular basis. Our attorneys bring extensive experience and insight to the defense of transportation and trucking companies in a wide range of matters.

Our transportation and trucking litigators understand how important it is to address incidents involving potential liability quickly and thoroughly. We pride ourselves in the rapid response we provide when clients alert us to potential exposure, and are on call to launch early investigations and preserve critical evidence of accidents, material spills, and other events, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.