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Leaders In Environmental and Toxic Tort Defense
Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of applicable law and the experience required to assemble teams of highly-credentialed scientists, regulatory compliance and enforcement professionals, medical specialists, and other experts required to address even the most complicated claims. Because toxic tort cases frequently involve many defendants relying upon the same medical and causation defenses, our lawyers have the requisite experience to play leading roles in joint defense groups. We have acted as regional and national coordinating counsel for clusters of hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of separately filed lawsuits.
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The role of coordinating counsel requires the development and presentation of consistent themes and evidence, often across a wide spectrum of courts and jurisdictions. Our lawyers have the ability and experience needed to lead a legal team able to execute a coherent and effective strategy.


When appropriate, we make extensive use of alternative dispute resolution techniques including mediation and arbitration, and we counsel manufacturers and service providers on proactive ways to limit their civil or regulatory liabilities.

Our commitment to our clients includes providing periodical educational seminars and materials to keep them abreast of the latest legal developments at the state and federal level. For businesses and insurers facing environmental and toxic tort issues, our committed and talented attorneys stand ready to provide the experienced representation they need.

Our attorneys serve clients in matters in the areas of:

  • Permitting

  • Enforcement defense

  • Insurance coverage disputes

  • Chemical exposure claims

  • CERCLA claims

  • Silica claims

  • Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act actions

  • RCRA hazardous waste litigation

  • PCB contamination

  • Asbestos and mesothelioma claims

Law and science often intersect in cases involving environmental and toxic torts. Effective representation requires attorneys with an understanding of the statutes, regulations, and common law, complemented by scientific and technical expertise from a diverse field of specialties. We bring every resource to bear on behalf of clients facing a wide range of environmental and toxic tort issues.
We bring every resource to bear on behalf of clients facing a wide range of environmental and toxic tort issues.
Please contact us to learn how we can help you protect your business.
  • Jennifer Cheek
  • John S. Kenefick
  • Jennifer D. LeBlanc
  • David M. Macdonald
  • Patrick Madden
  • James G. Mendez

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