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Long-haul and local carriers, truck leasing companies, material haulers, and others whose businesses are built on the road need attorneys who are prepared to address the complex and high-stakes litigation challenges that such companies face on a regular basis. Our attorneys bring extensive experience and insight to the defense of transportation and trucking companies in a wide range of matters.


Our transportation and trucking litigators understand how important it is to address incidents involving potential liability quickly and thoroughly.  We pride ourselves in the rapid response we provide when clients alert us to potential exposure, and are on call to launch early investigations and preserve critical evidence of accidents, material spills, and other events, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Complicated cases require a true team effort, and our attorneys confidently take the lead in protecting our clients’ interests
Please contact us to learn more about the representation and services we provide in trucking and transportation industry matters.
  • Taylor Brisco
  • Tonika Brown
  • Jennifer Cheek
  • Clayton E. Devin
  • Paul J. Downey
  • Sean Fleming
  • Amy S. Harris
  • Jason M. Jung
  • John S. Kenefick
  • Jennifer D. LeBlanc
  • David M. Macdonald
  • Patrick F. Madden
  • Sha'Kera K. Trimble
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Strategies for the Best Possible Resolution

Our attorneys provide transportation industry clients with trusted representation in matters involving:

  • Catastrophic personal injury

  • Wrongful death

  • Commercial litigation

  • Freight and property claims

  • Regulatory compliance matters

  • Labor and employment issues


Our clients trust us to handle their most significant trucking and transportation matters because they know that our advocacy skills and thorough understanding of the complex regulatory framework make a critical difference in the outcome of their cases. We utilize the latest technology to implement defense strategies that put our clients in the strongest position to bring matters to the best possible resolution.


Our trucking and transportation industry clients include Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. In every case we handle for our trucking and transportation industry clients, we work seamlessly with insurers, claims administrators, investigators and others to ensure that there are clear and open lines of communication and a coordinated approach.

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